Case «The citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for a family of four»

Alexey S. contacted us in the spring 2018. He needed a consultation on citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean. Alexey got a cursory view of them, but he had clearly formulated tasks which he needed the new passport to solve.

Tasks that the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda can help solve

Our client’s active international business activities require frequent trips to England, Hong Kong and the United States. However, citizens of the Russian Federation lately face difficulties in obtaining US visas. In addition, the tense political situation in Europe raises concerns that this possibility will become completely inaccessible. It can negatively affect Alexey’s business. In addition, our client had plans to scale his business and negotiated over the purchase of shares in foreign companies. However, Alexey’s partners and their lawyers made it clear that the presence of Russian citizens among the shareholders would be undesirable. Obtaining a passport of Antigua and Barbuda solved two of Alexey’s main tasks: the ability to travel without obtaining visas or the ability to arrange them in a short time, and also to become a shareholder of a foreign company.

The benefits of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

Alexey set his heart on two citizenship programs: Saint Kitts and Nevis, and, Antigua and Barbuda. The St. Kitts program seemed to our client more reliable, because it is better known in Russia. But, Alexey preferred the Antigua and Barbuda program, since he wanted to get a second citizenship also for his family members – his spouse and children 5 and 9 years old. The Antigua and Barbuda program was more profitable financially. The final argument was the package of documents that must be prepared for the participation in the citizenship program. Saint Kitts and Nevis requires providing an apostille for all documents in the application; it greatly complicates the process and increases the cost of obtaining the citizenship. Antigua and Barbuda requires an apostille only on copies of passports for travelling abroad, and for all other documents it is enough to provide notarized copies.

Help from our company

In early June, Alexey decided to apply for the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda. Our team helped him and his family fill in the forms in a state-approved format, and we also attracted a notary and a translator who prepared the documents for submission. It took a month to prepare the application, and in mid-July all the documents were delivered to Antigua. After paying for the identity verification procedure and 10% of the governmental charge, we submitted an application to the citizenship by investments program office. Application processing took a little more than three months, and in early November, approval came from the government of Antigua and Barbuda. Alexey invested in the National Transformation Fund and paid 90% of the governmental charge. In 3 weeks, our agent in Antigua got new passports for Alexey and his family and sent them to the client by courier mail. The whole period of citizenship registration was 7 months.

At the moment, Alexey is going to visit Antigua to take the Oath, to issue local driver’s licenses and to receive the social insurance number.

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