Case «The citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for a family of three»

One of the clients of Caribbean Concierge was Andrei, the owner of a company with international business cooperation.

The tightening of economic sanctions has somewhat limited its activities. Besides, the client’s daughter, studying in one of the prestigious London universities, is going to start working in the UK in the future. After graduation, she will need time to look for a job. She will need time to look for a job after graduation. It is important to Andrei and his wife Yana to see their daughter and to be able to come to her in London for long periods of time. We offered our client to consider the option of obtaining the second citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda through the public investment program.

Advantages of the program

Andrei was satisfied with the program for its price and other benefits for him and his family. The fact that you do not need to learn foreign languages and the history of the state to obtain the citizenship was very important. It saves you time and you can devote it to your family and to your business development. Andrei and his spouse also liked the lack of the necessity for permanent residence in the country. There are affairs in Russia that sometimes require personal attendance.

Another advantage in favor of choosing this program is that all members of the main applicant’s family (children under 28 years old and parents over 58 years old) can receive Antigua and Barbuda passports. In addition, citizenship is a contribution to the future, as it is inherited. The deadline for obtaining new passports suits Andrew too. The preparation of necessary documents and obtaining citizenship take on average of six months.

Conditions for obtaining the citizenship

At the consultation, we told Andrei in details about the conditions for obtaining the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda. The main one is investment and you can choose several options. Investors are invited to invest in a business, make a non-refundable investment to the National Transformation Fund, or buy property in the Caribbean for a period of at least 5 years. In addition, an important condition for obtaining the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda is the absence of prohibitions and sanctions to enter the EU countries, the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. While identity verification it also establishes whether the applicant has a serious criminal record, checks the source of income as well as business and personal reputation. Andrei did not have any problems in any of the points. Obligatory 5 days residency in Antigua and Barbuda did not bother our client.

As a result, having signed a cooperation agreement with Andrei, we helped him collect a package of necessary documents, and in 5 months he and his family received new passports with the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, a visa-free Caribbean country, distinguished by its excellent climate and exotic landscape.

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