Case «Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda and the organization of economic presence for the owner of the IT-business»

Sergey A., a citizen of the Russian Federation, applied to Caribbean Concierge for a second citizenship in one of the Caribbean jurisdictions.

Being the owner of an IT company registered in a popular offshore, Sergey solves most business problems remotely, and his team is spread over the world. Due to the business particularities and the absence of a family, our client travels a lot, as he can work from anywhere in the world. While choosing a program Sergey’s main requirement was the possibility of further use of citizenship and jurisdiction to create an economic presence, and later – part-time moving to the country for at least several months a year.

Advantages of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

We offered Sergey to consider Antigua and Barbuda. This program has several important advantages, namely: the process of obtaining the second citizenship in this jurisdiction takes an average 6 months; it is possible to quickly register a local or offshore company, rent a property, get a driver’s license, a social insurance card and open a bank account. In addition, if Sergey decides to move to the Caribbean, the island of Antigua is better adapted for this due to a large number of international flights, a good choice of accommodation for rent and quite good supermarkets with high-quality products. Also the internet in Antigua works steadily; there is an optical fibre network in some parts of the island.

Our assistance in obtaining citizenship

Sergey’s application was prepared in 3 weeks. We helped fill in an application form and prepare all necessary documents. In a month after the conclusion of the service contract, the application package for the citizenship was in Antigua. Sergey paid the cost of identity verification and 10% of the governmental charge. After that, the documents were handed over to the CIU (Citizenship by Investment Unit). The identity verification process took a little more than 4 months after which the approval was rendered. Our client paid the investment, the rest of the governmental charge, as well as the cost of making a passport. After four weeks, a new document was delivered to Sergey with the help of our courier service. After that, our client planned a trip to Antigua for 5 obligatory days. We prepared all the necessary documents for Sergey to solve all his questions.

Tasks requiring personal presence in Antigua and Barbuda

Having visited the island, Sergey took the Oath in the presence of a local notary. The package of documents that we had prepared allowed him to get a local driver’s license in a short time. In addition, Sergey signed a long-term rent agreement for apartments on the west coast if his parents decide to spend the winter in Antigua (they were not included in Sergey’s citizenship application, but Russian citizens are allowed to stay in Antigua and Barbuda for up to 3 months without a visa) . Our client also started the process of registering a local company, opened a personal account at a local bank and received a number of social insurance.

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