Case «Obtaining citizenship of Grenada for a married couple»

Among the clients of the Caribbean Concierge company there are people who wish to obtain a second citizenship only for themselves, and there are those who receive passports for all family members.

Recently we provided consulting services and helped to do the paperwork to married couple – Alexandra and Ivan. Alexandra often goes on business trips to China. Her employer pays for the visas. Having gained enough experience, she decided to open her own business there. In order to have a visa-free entry to China, Alexandra approached our company. After considering the options, she and her husband decided to apply for citizenship of Grenada.

The benefits of citizenship of Grenada

To Alexandra and Ivan obtaining a second citizenship in one of the Caribbean countries seemed to be the most advantageous option. Grenada passport gives a number of advantages, the main one, of course, is a visa-free entry to more than 116 countries, including those that are part of the Schengen agreement. As Alexandra noticed, it would allow her to develop business in China productively, and Ivan would be able to visit her for longer periods of time. There is no need to learn the language and history of Grenada. Permanent residence on the island is also optional. In addition, the application for economic citizenship of Grenada can include parents, which allows them to move to permanent residence in a more favorable climate in the future.

Conditions for obtaining citizenship of Grenada

Alexandra and Ivan were satisfied with all the conditions for obtaining a second citizenship. As a mandatory investment, they chose a one-time contribution to the National Transformation Fund, the money from which goes to the development of the economy of Grenada. The second investment option was to buy property in the Caribbean, but the family did not need it. It is also mandatory for citizenship to undergo a medical examination and identity verification by the government of Grenada.

Our assistance in obtaining citizenship of Grenada

Following the decision of Alexandra and Ivan to obtain a second citizenship in Grenada, the Caribbean Concierge concluded an agreement with them. We helped with the preparation and translation of the necessary documents. Our lawyers advised the clients on filling out questionnaires. Also Alexandra and Ivan had their fingerprints taken in our office, which was necessary for the documents. In a month after the submission of documents to the government of Grenada, the clients received a positive decision on the application. During this time, they underwent a medical examination. After 4 months, Alexandra and Ivan received passports of citizens of Grenada.

Such a rapid acquisition of a second citizenship is possible thanks to the program update of 2013, allowing to obtain a new passport in the period from 2 to 5 months. In addition, our company has a qualified staff, including translators, lawyers and agents working directly on the territory of Grenada, which also has a positive impact on the timing of obtaining citizenship.

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