Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda

Through investment from US$100 000

  • Passports for all family within 3-4 months
  • 150 visa-free countries, including the UK, Schengen, Singapore
  • Opportunity to obtain a TIN and a permanent residency
  • Using your new passport, you will be able to open a bank account and register a company
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Official Citizenship by investment governmental program of Antigua and Barbuda was launched in 2013, and today it is named as one of the best in the world. This program is an ideal combination of price, timing, simplicity and possibility to apply together with your whole family, including grown children and parents.

How does it work: investor and his family members are given an opportunity to become citizens in exchange of economic investment: to purchase an approved real estate, to invest in an approved business, or to make a government donation to National Development Fund (NDF). Before receiving governmental approval, eventual citizenship and passports, all candidates must meet the requirements of the program and pass the due diligence.

It is not required to know the language (English) or visit the country before getting citizenship and passport. Neither it is necessary to live in the country.

Benefits of Antigua & Barbuda citizenship program

The most affordable passport for visa-free travel to 150 countries in the world and tax optimization purposes


Visa-free travel to 150+ countries including the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Schengen countries, Hong Kong, Singapore.


Possibility to obtain a long-term USA and Canada visas


Lifetime citizenship that your kids can inherit


No taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, inheritance and wealth


Possibility to become a resident with minimal requirements for physical presence in the country and to obtain a TIN


Passport of Antigua and Barbuda can be used to open a bank account and register a company abroad


It is possible to include spouse, children (up to 28 y.o.) and parents (58+ y.o.) to your application


Quick processing within 3-4 months


Confidential application process — information about applicants is neither shared with other governments nor with immigration departments of other countries


Antigua & Barbuda allows multiple citizenships, so you will not need to revoke your citizenship by birth


It is not required to visit Antigua & Barbuda during the application process


However, keep in mind, that you must visit Antigua & Barbuda once and only for five days during the first five years after citizenship is granted

Citizenship by investment program of Antigua and Barbuda is the most efficient in the Caribbean!

  • Quick processing: 3-4 months
  • Minimum investment: US $100 000
  • Multiple investment options: real estate purchase, business investment, government donation to the National Development Fund (NDF)
  • Return of investment in Real Estate and business in 5 years

Requirements for the main applicant

  • Age 18+
  • Perfect personal and business reputation
  • Proof of source of funds
  • Good health
  • Successful due diligence check

You can also include to your application:

  • Spouse
  • Children below 28 y.o. (children 18-28 y.o. must be students and be fully financially dependent on the main applicant)
  • Parents 58+ y.o. (fully financially dependent)
  • Children with disabilities (fully financially dependent, without age limitation)

Investment options to obtain citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda

Government Donation to National Development Fund (NDF), non-refundable

Antigua & Barbuda state fund, founded for the financing of major social projects and development of the economy.

  • Non-refundable donation US$ 100 000
  • Government processing fee US$ 25 000
  • Due diligence fee US$ 7 500
  • Passport fee US$ 350

Real Estate investment

You can purchase real estate in one of the government-approved projects. It may be a hotel unit, villa, apartment, shared house, or another type of tourist real estate.You will be able to get full or partial ownership with annual return 4-8%. You are allowed to resale real estate in 5 years.

  • Minimal investment from US$ 200 000
  • Government processing fee US$ 50 000
  • Due diligence fee  US$ 7 500
  • Passport fee US$ 350

Calculate the price of citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda now:

The cost of citizenship depends on the investment option and the number of applicants. Fill out the form, and we will send you an individual calculation within several minutes.

Calculation examples

Donation to National Development Fund (NDF)
Non-refundable donation $ 100 000 $ 100 000
Government processing fee $ 25 000 $ 25 000
Due diligence fee $ 7 500 $ 15 000
Passport fee $ 300 $ 1 200
Total: $ 132 800 $  140 200
Real Estate investmentMinimal investment
Minimal investment $ 200 000 $ 200 000
Government processing fee $ 50 000 $ 50 000
Due diligence fee $ 7 500 $ 15 000
Passport fee $ 300 $ 1 200
Total: $ 257 300 $ 266 200

Procedure for obtaining citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda:

You do not need to know the language or country history; also it is not required to live in the country.

Step 1

Signing the Client Representation Agreement

Enter into a contract with Caribbean Concierge. Enrolling the down payment of professional fees.

Step 2

Documents preparation

We will help to fill in all official forms and will give all the guidelines about proper documents preparation. We will also fewer you to a notary for documents legalisation and will advise a clinic to pass the required medial check.
Lawyer and local agent in Antigua will check scan-copies of all the documents, and then we will ask you to ship the documents to Antigua.

Step 3

Submission of the application

The client will need to pay a due diligence fee and 10% of government processing fee. We apply all the documents to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) in Antigua. The CIU will stamp the cover letter with a date of submission. The application will enter the due diligence process, which lasts up to 3 months.

Step 4

Approval in principal is received

The Citizenship by Investment Unit issues a written approval of the application for citizenship. It is time to pay investment, plus the balance of governmental and professional fees.

Step 5

Passports are ready

Passport is issued and Caribbean Concierge sends it to the clients with the reliable courier service.

Why do clients choose our company to apply for the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program?

Certified by the government

The government of Antigua and Barbuda had authorised us as an official agent of citizenship by investment program. We work directly with country officials.

We are based in Antigua

We are “locals” in Antigua and professionals with in-depth knowledge of citizenship by investment programs and understanding of the market. We have strong a connection with leading representatives of the government and developers.

Additional services

Our concierge service will plan for you a trip to Antigua, organise signing of the oath, help with obtaining a driver's license, opening a bank account, registering a company, getting a physical address for correspondence and many more.

We know how many things you need to consider to choose the right citizenship by investment program

For your convenience, we have made a comparative table for all Caribbean programs.

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We will provide you with a personal manager, who will guide you through the whole process, will ask all of your questions and will advise a personalised solution for your situation.

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The most popular questions and answers about Antigua


Antigua has the biggest and most modern international airport of the whole Caribbean region. It accommodates flights from London, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, Toronto, Montreal, Santo Domingo, and from all neighbouring islands. From November to May airport also hosts direct flights from Frankfurt. If you are travelling from eastern part of the Globe, you may choose a connection in London, or Miami. If you do not have a US visa, you might prefer to travel via Frankfurt. You also may reach Amsterdam or Paris, then use a direct flight to St. Martin, and from there you will have to catch a flight to Antigua. There are several daily flights between the Caribbean islands. Also, Antiguan airport frequently accommodates private jets. Cost of this kind of travel may be very friendly and vary depending on a number of people and type of aircraft. Please contact our concierge service for the details. If you love travelling by sea, you may want to choose to reach Antigua on a boat. This island a word famous yachting destination and has one of the largest superyachts marinas in the region.


We live in Antigua, and we are not planning to move away from this paradise. There is everything we need for living: perfect climate, low level of pollution, quilted and fresh food, the international community (mainly British, Canadians, Americans, many Italians too). There are good medical clinics, an international school which will prepare your kids for the future college in the UK, the USA, or Canada. Restaurants and bars here are surprisingly great and are considered as the best in the region. During winter time the southern part of the island accommodates a lot of yachts and superyachts, and become a busy commune for people from all over the world. Antigua has all necessary facilities for daily life: internet, electricity, hot water. Antigua is widely known for its picturesque beaches and waters. It has one of the world famous “pink sand beach”. It is also quite comfortable to travel from here — Antigua is only 3 hours far from Miami.


There are two ways of becoming a resident in Antigua. First one is to live here 183 days per year, work (set up a company, or get a job), regularly pay duties to the social insurance and educational funds, and cover health care insurance. The second option is to participate in a permanent residency program. You will need to buy or rent a property, pay the annual tax of US $20 000, and spend 30 days per year on an island. As a result, you will get a Permanent Residency Certificate. The TIN can be obtained through incorporation of a local company in Antigua & Barbuda.


On an official government website, there is a list of Real Estate projects, approved for the Citizenship by investment program. A significant portion of them got approval back in 2013, and since then, they didn’t make a big progress in a construction. We advise our client to pay attention to different details when making a decision where to invest: Developer’s reputation and experience. Remember, that it is always a human behind the development, so it is it is essential to find out who exactly it is, what kind of projects he/she has, how many of them are already built, if projects are successful and so on. Construction stage. There is always a risk when you are investing in a project on early stages of the construction. On the other hand, it is a possibility to get a better deal. Always think twice before making a final decision! Quality. Our team members are personally checking all the projects on their different stages of construction to make sure that the quality is high enough and that projects meet hurricane resistance standards. The potential return on investment. If you are planning to rent out your real estate and get returns, you need to make sure that the project is well-located — preferably on the west coast, near a beautiful beach or in the south of the island in English Harbour. Also, try to learn more about management company: how it is operating the building/hotel/project, what is the occupation percentage (during both high and low seasons), how do they split the earnings. Antigua doesn’t have developments with world-known international brands yet, but it has successful boutique hotels and projects, running by the experienced teams. Re-sale. To have strong re-sale potential, real estate must be attractive not only for people looking for second citizenship but also for potential buyers searching for lifestyle purchase. So location and quality of management are critical in this case.


The fist passport all economic citizens get in Antigua is valid for five years. During this period all applicants over 18 yard old must spend five days in Antigua and Barbuda. After five years you can renew a passport in any diplomatic mission of Antigua & Barbuda. Second and subsequent passports will be granted for 10 years.


Antigua and Barbuda are two islands famous for their white sand beaches and turquoise waters. There are 365 beaches, and locals say that it is enough to have a one per day in the year. But it feels that there are even more than this. You will be able to find gold, white, pink, and even black (volcanic) sand beaches. Literally there is a beach behind each turn. The island of Barbuda is a beach itself, mostly habitat only by tropical birds and plants. However, Antigua & Barbuda is not only about beaches. Historic Nelson's Dockyard, which located on the south part of the island, is not just a cultural heritage under the protection of UNESCO but also a world-famous seaport for superyachts. Thanks to the British colonists, since 17th century Antigua became a famous seaport. Nowadays Antigua is the world capital of sailing and hosts international regattas every year. You will be able to see and even participate in Antigua Super Yacht Challenge, RORC Caribbean, Antigua Sailing Week, Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge and many more. Also, Antigua & Barbuda attracts celebrities and wealthy people. Some of them not only spend their holidays here, but also own a Real Estate: Eric Clapton, Timothy Dalton, Richard Branson, Giorgio Armani, Silvio Berlusconi, football player Andriy Shevchenko, American TV-star Oprah Winfrey, publisher of Hustler magazine Larry Flynt, and believe us, it is not a complete list.