Citizenship in Grenada

Through investment from US $150 000

  • Passports for all family within there to five months
  • Visa-free entrance to the UK, European Union, China, Singapore and 130 countries more
  • Possibility to obtain investor visa in the USA — E-2
  • No requirements to live in the country
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The government of Grenada have launched citizenship by investment program in 2013. Today it is mainly popular because of the opportunity that it gives to the applicants. All investors can obtain an E-2 visa in the USA.

The process of getting citizenship in Grenada is simple and very clear. An investor contributes to the National Transformation Fund (NTF) or purchase a government-approved real estate and pay all required fees. In case of successful due diligence, investor and his family receive their citizenship and passports.

The process lasts typically for three to five months.

Benefits of Grenada citizenship program

Perfect option for ones who want to travel visa-free or to immigrate to the USA


Visa-free travel to 130+ countries including the UK, European Union countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and others


Possibility to obtain a long-term USA and Canada visas


Opportunity to get an investor visa E-2 in the USA


Lifetime citizenship that your kids can inherit


No taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, inheritance and wealth


It is possible to include a spouse, children under 26 y.o. also, parents over 65 y.o. to your application


Dual citizenship is allowed in Grenada


It is not required to visit the country at all — neither before getting your citizenship nor after


Не нужно посещать Гренаду до или после получения гражданства.

Citizenship by investment programming Grenada is perfect for large families!

  • Processing: 3+ months
  • Minimum investment: US $150 000
  • Multiple investment options: real estate purchase, or donation to the government fund
  • Full return on investment in Real Estate after three years

Requirements for the principal applicant:

  • Age 18+
  • Perfect personal and business reputation
  • Proof of source of funds
  • Good health
  • Successful due diligence check

You can also include to your application:

  • Spouse
  • Children under 26 y.o. (children 18-26 y.o. must be students and be fully financially dependent on the principal applicant)
  • Parents 65+ y.o. (fully financially dependent on the principal applicant)

Investment options to obtain citizenship in Grenada

Government Donation to the National Transformation Fund (NTF), non-refundable

State fund of Grenada, founded for the financing of major social projects and development of the country.

  • Non-refundable donation US$ 150 000
  • Government application fee US$ 1 500
  • Government processing fee US$ 1 500
  • Passport fee US$ 200
  • Due diligence fee US$ 5 000
  • Oath of Allegiance fee US$ 18,60

Investment in government-approved real estate

Full or fractional ownership

  • Minimal investment US$ 350 000
  • Government fee for real estate investment US$ 50 000
  • Government application fee US$ 1 500
  • Government processing fee US$ 1 500
  • Due diligence fee US$ 5 000
  • Passport fee US$ 200
  • Oath of Allegiance fee US$ 18,60

Calculate the price of citizenship in Grenada

The cost of citizenship may vary depending on the investment option and the number of applicants. Fill in the form, and we will send you an individual calculation within several minutes.

Calculation examples

Government Donation to the National Transformation Fund (NTF)
Minimal investment $ 150 000 $200 000
Government fee $ 3 000 $ 10 000
Due diligence fee $ 5 000 $ 10 000
Total: $ 158 000 $ 220 000
Investment in government-approved real estate
Minimal investment $ 350 000 $ 350 000
Government fee for real estate investment $ 50 000 $ 50 000
Government fee $ 3 000 $ 10 000
Due diligence fee $ 5 000 $ 10 000
Total: $ 408 000 $ 420 000


The procedure of obtaining citizenship in Grenada

You do not need to know the language or country history; also it is not required to live in the country.

Step 1

Signing the Client Representation Agreement

Signing the Client Representation Agreement
Enter into a contract with our company — Caribbean Concierge and enrol the down payment of professional fees.

Step 2

Documents preparation

We will help to fill in all official forms and will give all the guidelines about proper documents preparation. We will also fewer you to a notary for documents legalisation and will advise a clinic to pass the required medial check. Lawyer and local agent in Grenada will check scan-copies of all the documents, and then we will ask you to ship the documents to Grenada.

Step 3

Submission of the application

The client will need to pay a due diligence fee in full. We apply all the documents to the Citizen by Investment Unit (CIU) in Grenada. The CIU will stamp the cover letter with a date of submission. The application will enter the due diligence, which may last from one to three months.

Step 4

Approval in principal is received

The Citizenship by Investment Unit issues a written approval of the application for citizenship. It is time to pay investment, plus the balance of governmental and professional fees.

Step 5

Passports are ready

After the government receives proof of completed investment, it will issue passport/s and will send it/them to our local agent. We will ship documents and passport/s to the client via courier service.

Why Caribbean Concierge?

We are based in the Caribbean

We are “locals” in the Caribbean and professionals with in-depth knowledge of citizenship by investment programs and understanding of the market. We have strong a connection with leading representatives of the government and developers.


We work with the best local agents in Grenada, and we can guarantee fast and high-quilted preparation and processing of applications

Additional services

If you decided to visit a country of your new citizenship, our concierge service will plan for you a trip to Grenada, help with obtaining a driver's license, opening a bank account, registering a company, getting a physical address for correspondence and many more.

We know how many things you need to consider to choose the right citizenship by investment program

For your convenience, we have made a comparative table for all Caribbean programs.

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All you may want to know about Grenada:

How to reach Grenada?

There are direct flights to Grenada from the USA (New York, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte), London, Canada (Toronto, Montreal) and Frankfurt (from November to April, one to two times per week). Sometimes it is easier to reach a big international transport hub in the Caribbean, for example, Barbados, and then use a local airline.

What is a USA E-2 type visa?

E-2 visa is a non-immigration investor visa, which allows an investor to live and work in the country based investment in the USA company. Eventually, it will be possible to switch to EB-1 or EB-5 and even a Green card. E-2 visa is not available for all the countries, but only for ones that are under exclusive agreement with the USA. Grenada is one of these countries