Citizenship in Saint Lucia

Through investment from US $100 000

  • Visa-free travel to 120+ countries, including the UK, Schengen countries, Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Passports for all family within there to four months
  • You will be able to use your new passport to open a bank account, register a company, for assets diversification purposes
  • No requirements to live in the country
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Citizenship by investment program in St. Lucia is the newest in the Caribbean region. It was first presented in 2015, and in 2016 there were significant changes included. After this, the program became one of the cheapest in the Caribbean.

The government lets you choose one of four investment options for your future approval for citizenship: donation to the government fund, investment in government bonds, purchase of a government-approved real estate, or government-approved business.

From four options only two are working stable: donation to government fund and real estate investment.

It is not required to know the language (English) or visit the country to become a citizen of St. Lucia.

Benefits of citizenship by investment program in St. Lucia

Affordable passport for visa-free countries


Visa-free travel to 120+ countries including the UK and Schengen countries, Hong Kong, Singapore and others.


Possibility to obtain a long-term USA and Canada visas


No taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, inheritance and wealth


Passport of St.Lucia can be used to open a bank account and register a company abroad


It is possible to include spouse, children (up to 25 y.o.) and parents (65+ y.o.) to your application


Quick processing within 3-4 months


Dual citizenship is allowed


It is not required to visit the country at all — neither before getting your citizenship nor after

Citizenship by investment program in St. Lucia is an affordable option to get a second passport

  • Quick processing: 3-4 months
  • Minimum investment: US $100 000
  • Multiple investment options: real estate purchase, business investment, government donation, investment in government-issued bonds
  • Full return of investment in Real Estate, bonds and business in 5 years

Requirements for the main applicant

  • Age 18+
  • Perfect personal and business reputation
  • Proof of source of funds
  • Good health
  • Successful due diligence check

You can also include to your application:

  • Spouse
  • Children below 26 y.o. (children 18-26 y.o. must be students and be fully financially dependent on the main applicant)
  • Parents 65+ y.o. (fully financially dependent on the main applicant)
  • Children with disabilities (fully financially dependent, without age limitation)

Investment options to obtain citizenship of Saint Lucia

Government Donation to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund (NEF), non-refundable

State fund was founded in St. Lucia for the financing of major social projects and development of the economy.

  • Non-refundable donation US$ 100 000
  • Government processing fee US$ 2 000
  • Due diligence fee US$ 7 000
  • Passport fee US$ 100

Real Estate investment

You can purchase real estate in one of the government-approved projects. It may be a hotel unit, villa, apartment, shared house, or another type of tourist real estate. For now the government of St. Lucia approved only one real estate project. You are allowed to re-sale real estate in 5 years.

  • Minimal investment US$ 300 000
  • Government processing fee US$ 2 000
  • Due diligence fee US$ 7 000
  • Government fee for real estate investment US$ 50 000
  • Passport fee US$ 100

Calculate the price of citizenship in Saint Lucia now:

The cost of citizenship may vary depending on different aspects. Please fill in the form, and we will send you an individual calculation within several minutes.

Calculation examples

Donation to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund (NEF)
Non-refundable donation $ 100 000 $ 190 000
Government processing fee $ 2 000 $ 4 000
Due diligence fee $ 7 500 $ 17 500
Passport fee $ 200 $ 400
Total: $ 109 600 $ 211 900
Investment in government-approved real estate
Minimal investment $ 300 000 $ 300 000
Government processing fee $ 2 000 $ 4 000
Due diligence fee $ 7 500 $ 17 500
Government fee for real estate investment $ 50 000 $ 145 000
Passport fee $ 100 $ 400
Total: $ 359 600 $ 466 900

The process of getting citizenship in St. Lucia

Five simple steps to your new citizenship and passport

Step 1

Signing the Client Representation Agreement

Enter into a contract with our company — Caribbean Concierge and enrol the down payment of professional fees.

Step 2

Documents preparation

We will help to fill in all official forms and will give all the guidelines about proper documents preparation. We will also fewer you to a notary for documents legalisation and will advise a clinic to pass the required medial check. Lawyer and local agent in St. Lucia will check scan-copies of all the documents, and then we will ask you to ship the documents to St. Lucia.

Step 3

Submission of the application

The client will need to pay a due diligence fee in full. We apply all the documents to the Citizen by Investment Unit (CIU) in St. Lucia. The CIU will stamp the cover letter with a date of submission. The application will enter the due diligence, which may last from one to three months.

Step 4

Approval in principal is received

The Citizenship by Investment Unit issues a written approval of the application for citizenship. It is time to pay investment, plus the balance of governmental and professional fees.

Step 5

Passports are ready

After the government receives proof of completed investment, it will issue passport/s and will send it/them to our local agent. We will ship documents and passport/s to the client via courier service.

Why Caribbean Concierge?

We are based in the Caribbean

We are “locals” in the Caribbean and professionals with in-depth knowledge of citizenship by investment programs and understanding of the market. We have strong a connection with leading representatives of the government and developers.


We work with the best local agents in St. Lucia, and we can guarantee fast and high-quilted preparation and processing of applications

Additional services

If you decided to visit a country of your new citizenship, our concierge service will plan for you a trip to St. Lucia, help with obtaining a driver's license, opening a bank account, registering a company, getting a physical address for correspondence and many more.

We know how many things you need to consider to choose the right citizenship by investment program

For your convenience, we have made a comparative table for all Caribbean programs.

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The most popular questions and answers about St. Lucia

Several words about the country

Saint Lucia is one of the most developed in the region, maybe except for Trinidad and Barbados. A population of the island is almost 180 thousand people. Tourism began to grow about 50 years ago, and today it is a significant part of the country's economy. Tourists from the UK, the USA and Canada know St. Lucia very well, as they come over here every year to grab some sunshine, enjoy wonderful sea and unique surrounding nature. There are tropical forests, brutal mountains, dormant volcanoes, and volcanic activity as geysers and hot springs. There are several boutique hotels here, for example, Cap Maison, and some middle-class hotels. Tourism is not the only part of the economy. St. Lucia is a known offshore centre, with developing the light industry. Unfortunately, the crime level in Saint Lucia is on average higher than in other Caribbean islands.

For how long the passport will be valid?

Passport of Saint Lucia is valid for five years after you will be able to renew it without visiting the country.

Will my future-born kids get citizenship?

No, for now, San Lucia dent not provide this option.

Can I live in Europe with St. Lucia passport?

No, you can not. However, this passport will guarantee you visa-free entrance to the European countries, and a possibility to stay there for six months in one year. If you want to stay in Europe for longer, you will need to obtain additional permits.