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Natalia Zakharova and Alexey Degtyarev

  • Caribbean Concierge offers investment immigration and lifestyle concierge services in the Caribbean. Our office is located in the legendary English Harbour in the south coast of Antigua. Our management background includes years of experience in the citizenship by investment and luxury travel.
  • Caribbean Concierge — it is more than just an immigration company. Obtaining citizenship and passport is only a beginning of our collaboration. We can help you to create and turn to the reality a roadmap that will transform your second citizenship into a working and useful tool. You will be surprised how the second passport may change your business positively by opening new opportunities and improve your overall lifestyle.
  • We offer our clients only necessary and high-quality services.
  • We can not offer you the lowest price, but we will give you more and will take reasonability for our work.
  • Caribbean Concierge — is authorised by the government of Antigua & Barbuda as an official immigration agent and concierge company.
  • We will help you to obtain citizenship by investment in Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, Dominica. We will make the whole processes fast and easy for you.
  • We are happy to educate you on how to get maximum benefits and profit from your new passport.
  • We will introduce you to the Caribbean islands and will help you to make them your lifestyle and financial basecamp.
  • We relocated to Antigua, and like you, we have chosen freedom, safety, security, better lifestyle for ourselves and our loved ones.

We take full responsibility for the process

Based on our experience, we can accurately predict the final result

Everything is official!

The government of Antigua and Barbuda had authorised us as an official agent.

№1 in the Caribbean

We provide after-sales service: driving licence, bank account opening, company registration

After receiving the passport

We are local experts. We know everyone and everything in the Caribbean islands. Our office is located in the south of Antigua.

Мы находимся на Карибских островах

Поэтому подготовка документов происходит существенно быстрее

Licenses and certificates

Our licensed agents and lawyers are located both in the CIS countries and in the countries where we apply for citizenship and permanent residence.

We will help you to choose the best option

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We will provide you with a personal manager, who will guide you through the whole process, will ask all of your questions and will advise a personalised solution for your situation.

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