Permanent Residency Scheme of Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda provides you with a unique opportunity legally become a permanent resident in a country that does not have taxes on world income, capital gains, inheritance, wealth and gifts.

Permanent Residency Program of Antigua & Barbuda was introduced in 1995. Participants get an “Antigua and Barbuda Permanent Resident Certificate”, which needs to be renewed annually.

Requirements are very straightforward

To obtain and remain a permanent resident status in Antigua & Barbuda you need to:


Have a permanent place of residence in Antigua or Barbuda (purchase or lease a property)


Spend at least 30 days in one year in the country (only during the first year — after getting a Permanent Residency Certificate)


Pay a flat tax of US$ 20,000 per annum

Required documents:

  • Filled official application form
  • Your passport copy, or a copy of the passport of Antigua and Barbuda
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Original Police Report from the country where the applicant has lived for the past two years
  • Bank reference
  • Two professional references
  • Medical Report
  • Lease or Title to property in respect of Residential accommodation in Antigua and Barbuda

The process of obtaining your permanent resident status in Antigua & Barbuda

The processing will take up to 6 months.

Step 1

Signing the Agreement

Signing the Client Representation Agreement with Caribbean Concierge. Enrolling the down payment of professional fees.

Step 2

Filling in an application form

You will need to fill in an official application form and prepare all necessary documents

Step 3

Application process

Caribbean Concierge summits your application and documents to the Ministry of Justice of Antigua and Barbuda. After due diligence, the Ministry of Justice passes the client’s application to the Cabinet of Ministers of Antigua and Barbuda.

Step 4

Receiving an instruction

After approval by the Cabinet, a Ministry of Justice issues a payment instruction. An applicant will need to pay a flat tax of US$20,000 to the Inland Revenue

Step 5


Submit payment of a flat tax of US$20,000 and the second portion of professional fees.

Step 6

Documents are ready

Immigration department issues an “Antigua and Barbuda Permanent Resident Certificate”. Caribbean Concierge sends it to the client using a reliable courier service.

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